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​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!

Except for our limited office staff, our organization is run by volunteers. Volunteers work at our weekend adoption centers, walking dogs, cleaning crates, talking with the public, and collecting money.  We also have numerous fundraising events where volunteers are needed. Email if you would like to volunteer.  We can always use your help!


Volunteer Opportunities for ages 15+


Volunteer Goals:

  • To assist staff with the socialization of the animals up for adoption through continuing dog training and behavior modification programs, dog walking, cat playtime and grooming.

  • Community outreach and education through rescue approved programs.

  • To relieve the burden of rescue overcrowding or to provide specialized care for individual animals through our foster care system.

  • To help us achieve a sound and reliable fundraising program to help supplement the rescue budget so that we may continue to improve our services and programs.

  • To help promote our animals for adoption.

  • To be productive and conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner.

What do volunteers do?

  • Volunteers are an essential part of our rescue. We appreciate you! There are many volunteering opportunities, each one with their own duties. Many volunteers choose to start volunteering within the rescue assisting with animal care. Here is a list of what volunteers can do at the shelter.

    • Walk dogs and continue the training or behavior modification set in place by staff.

    • Socialize with the cats in our adoption areas. Play interactively with toys, groom and brush the cats, get to know their personalities and report their likes and dislikes to the staff!

    • Throughout day in the cat adoption areas swap dirty litter boxes with new ones, replenish food and water in cages.

    • Wash, dry and put away animal dishes.

    • Assist staff in cleaning adoption area cat cages/cattery.

Peeping Dog

These are just some of the things that need to be done at our adoption events. Each day is different! There is always something to be done. You can always ask a staff member if you are unsure of our needs that day. There are also other volunteer activities such as fundraising, animal foster-care, and education programs that can be done. If you are interested in such activities please connect with us using email section below or contact ARF at (732) 257-7559.

The first step to joining our Volunteer Program is to contact us:


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