Recent Pet Adoptions

Happy Tails!

Erica writes: Just wanted to share my success story with Suki, adopted in 2016. I kept her name since she responded to it. She now runs the joint around here. Happy Holidays and thank you for all you do! This picture is Suki yelling at me for treats last week!

"Magic is amazing! He has adapted well to his new home and loves his new cat tower. He is very friendly and loves snuggles."

Melanie writes: A year ago I adopted this little guy from Animal Rescue Force, Inc. and he has brought nothing but joy in my life this whole last year. <3 Thank you!

A very happy New Year to you all. Both Angel and Ginger (Blaze) are doing absolutely fine. They are such a delight to be with.

Rikki writes: Tomorrow our little Peaky Pickle will be 6 months old. We adopted her (formally known as Mia) on August 1. These past 3 months with her have been wonderful and we can’t imagine life without her. She was exactly what we needed. She’s our spoiled little girl. From her loud purrs and cozy snuggles to when she runs around like a crazy miniature pony. She plays hide and seek with our son and follows him everywhere. She’s like a puppy of the kitty world. And even more fascinating is her bond with my mother. She’s never been a cat person but our sweet Pickle as changed her mind. When she comes over, Pickle greets her and plays and snuggles. We are so very grateful for her, and you for rescuing her and allowing us to be her forever home. Thank you for doing all that you do. Our hearts are full! Stay safe! 🥰

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