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Recent Pet Adoptions

Happy Tails!


Spencer was adopted from our Rt. 18 Flea Market adoption center 16+ years ago and is still doing well. Looking good for 16+ years old!

windin winston.jpg

Winston (previously WinDin) is enjoying his new home and look he even has a smart phone of his very own to play games on. That's one lucky kitty!


Yomi (previously Marmalade) looking down at his new big sister Midna, all while enjoying their cat tree.  

rollie home.jpg

From the streets to a comfy bed of his own in his forever home... Rollie is hanging out and loving his new life.  His adopter says he is the sweetest boy ever and even kept his name since he rolls over when you pet him.


ARF alumni Tut-Tut (previously Stitch), Locket and Banshee (previously Simone) all relaxing on their cat tree while posing for photos.  Tut-Tut was just adopted and is fitting right!

Spot was adopted from us 4 years ago at 16 years old, he is now 20 and although he has slowed down some he is still doing well and fitting in with his dog friends just fine. 

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