We always need your support, but we were unable to have our Tricky Tray fundraiser for two years now, as well as our other bagging fundraisers that have been so successful in the past. We really especially need your donations. We found homes for a lot of animals during the COVID summer. Now things are quieting down, people are going back to work, kids are back in school. Our adoptions have slowed. Our medical costs are still one of our big problems.
Let me introduce you to several of our animals. We had brother and sister, 13-year-old Clarson and Popona. Clarson had numerous medical tests but ended up not having a serious medical problem. Popona, on the other hand, has serious kidney problems, and her tests were much more extensive. She must eat special food and when spayed also had a mammary tumor removed. Our cat Saki needed an ultrasound and numerous tests and surgery for bladder stones and has to eat special food for the rest of her life. Clarson and Popona both have wonderful homes, Saki just recently adopted also.
We relied and are still relying on ARF.Petfinder.com to let people know about our adoptable dogs and cats. We are still mainly doing appointment only visits at our Sayreville location because of COVID.
Some of you may be unable to give as much this year, but if you are able, please know that every dollar is needed and will be appreciated! You may use a credit card below if you would like also.

Our happy adoptions and testimonials makes what we do well worth it. Click here for our happy tails!

​About Us

Animal Rescue Force is a private, non-profit 501c3 organization established in 1974 to find responsible homes for dogs and cats and to encourage all dog and cat owners to spay and neuter their pets. We are not funded by the town or government and rely on donations and fund raising events run by volunteers as means of support. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. Tax ID #51-0137896.

If you need a home for your pet call our office during the week at 732-257-7559, and you will learn about our procedure.  You can also call ARF if you are having a problem with your pet and need advice or if you need low-cost spay/neuter information.

Adoption Locations / Display Centers

Animal Rescue Force has 1 adoption center and 1 display center on the weekends! For more information on these locations click here!

Sayreville Adoption Center, Sayreville NJ

989 Main Street

Sat & Sun 11am - 3:30pm

Englishtown Auction Display Center, Englishtown NJ

90 Wilson Ave

Sat & Sun 9am - 1:30pm 

Cat of the week!


Meet adorable 5 yr old Charlie Girl!


She is very sweet and loves to be pet and spend time with people! She is shy at first but only until she gets comfortable and familiar with her surroundings. Charlie is a low key beauty who would enjoy snuggling in a sunny and warm window bed, or hanging out and watching some TV with her new family. It’s time for Charlie Girl to live a life of luxury and be spoiled rotten with love, she will be a great companion and very appreciative to start her new chapter!  Her one eye is permanently scarred, from an untreated eye infection most likely. She is FIV positive which is not a big deal. She can live a normal lifespan and with other cats if properly introduced. She is fine with other cats and would be good with older children. 

Make a Donation!

Now you can make a secure, tax deductible, credit card donation using the GiveDirect link above.  Just click on the GiveDirect image above and you will be sent to an online form from GiveDirect.  From there, just fill in the form with your credit card information and the amount that you want to donate to help homeless pets find their forever homes. You will receive a confirmation email for your records and our heartfelt thanks for your generous gift.

Did you know that some companies have a matching gift program? With your tax dollar donation, your employer may match dollar for dollar. Click here and make a difference in helping the animals!


ARF is a recipient of a grant from Pedigree Foundation in the amount of $1,000 to help the dogs waiting for their permanent homes. A big shout out and thank you to Pedigree Foundation for their generosity. Without support from companies and benefactors such as Pedigree, we could not continue to do our life saving work with our four legged furry friends!!


April 30, 2022 – Tricky Tray

May 2022 – 50/50 Raffle

October 2022- 50/50 Raffle