Recent Pet Adoptions

Happy Tails!

Banshee just celebrated her one year adoptiversary! Here are some pics.


She is a happy, active cat who loves leaving cat toys as presents under our chairs, but her favorite thing is blankets and cuddling up underneath them!


We adore and can't imagine life without her.

They are getting along quite well. Milo is such an extroverted kitty, so it didn’t get him long to get acquainted with the resident cat. Luna (Noel) was extremely shy and timid, but she’s getting more confident each day. The resident cat is a docile and friendly cat, so been having no issues from her end. Hopefully it stays that way and that their relationships will flourish.

Have a happy weekend!

Emma and Izzy(Cookie) resting after playtime. Just thought you would like the picture.

Hi "Juniper" now "Iris" is doing just fine. She is the sweetest kitty, just what we hoped for. We are going to PetCo on Sunday for her shot & sample.

She adores her big brother Leo (dog) & big sister Sophie (cat)

Thank you so much!!

Cody is wonderful and my older cat is accepting him well!  We love him so much, thank you for allowing us to adopt him!

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